A cold press juicer is a wise investment to your range of kitchen appliances. They are relatively cheap but buying a new one when your old one stops working is a hassle and a serious waste of money. Therefore taking care of your appliances is necessary to avoid unwanted displeasure of waking up in the morning and only when you have made breakfast to realize that your go-to drink cannot be prepared because your cold press juicer isn’t working properly.

One of the most common reasons for cold press juicers to lose their performance is by not cleaning them properly. A lot of veggies and fruits leave behind a lot of stickiness which can be hard to remove and even leave behind their smells which can be an unpleasant experience for the most part. One way to take good care of it is by not letting the stains stay inside for long periods of time. We are all guilty of leaving dirty dishes in the sink and cleaning them together. The longer stuff stays inside the cold press juicer, the more difficult it is going to be to get it out. There is also the possibility of the residue from the food getting stuck in places it is not supposed to be in. This can again, happen if residue is allowed to stay in longer and it then seeps underneath corners and edges and can become a nightmare to get out. The easiest way to get the longest life out of the cold press juicer is therefore by cleaning it after every use. Warm water and a sponge dressed in normal dishwasher should be enough for most typical cleaning jobs. Be sure to take any blades out of the way when putting your hands in and cleaning them separately.

The other way to get the most out of your cold press juicers life is by giving it a thorough cleaning every month or two. This will ensure that even if you have a habit of leaving dishes for a later time, the cold press juicer will still get a proper bath in timely manner. Since every cold press juicer has its own assembly, the best way to start disassembling it is by referring to its specific manual. In case you have thrown it away, you can always look it up online. A manual is necessary since it is not possible to generically explain every model of every company out there. Once you have removed all the rubbers and plastics, proceed to put them in bowl of warm water. Make sure it is not too hot otherwise they might get disfigured and not get put back on. Avoid dishwashers since they can be rough for such delicate components. Once the parts have been soaked, take out a spare toothbrush that has strong bristles and proceed to scrub the parts to get every last bit of residue out of them. Leave them to dry up when done and proceed to reassemble the parts according to instructions. You have now successfully cleaned your cold press juicer.