Grilling Lamb Chops

Lamb is great source of protein, and is very delicious. You can prepare lamb meat in various ways. One of the most famous lamb dishes is lamb chops. These are meat along with the rib bone. They can be cook in many different ways, in oven, on stovetop and on gas grill. For me the best way to enjoy the taste of lamb chops is by grilling them. Today we will discuss the recipe for lamb chops that are my personal favorite.

For the recipe fist thing you will need are lamb chops. If it’s possible for you buy the fresh lamb chops, it will enhance the taste to next level. If you don’t believe me try it, go to your butcher and ask him for two pounds of fresh lamb chops.

The spices and other ingredients that you will need are as follow: quarter cup of white wine vinegar, two teaspoon of salt, half teaspoon of black pepper, one tablespoon of garlic paste, 1 medium sized onion very finely chopped and two tablespoon of olive oil.

Take all of these ingredients, transfer them in a large resealable bag, and mix them properly until all the salt is properly dissolved. Now add the lamb chops and a toss until all the pieces are coated properly. Now let them marinate for about two hours in the refrigerator.

Now before grilling, prepare your gas grill clean its grate and apply little bit of cooking oil. Now, once this is done light up the gas grill. Check for the propane in the tank and if you have the natural gas make sure to turn on the supply. Then turn on the gas knobe and ignite the fire very carefully with the help of a lighter. Once your gas grill is light up, heat its grate on a high heat for about ten minutes.

Now, take out your lamb chops from marinate and coat the bones of the lamb chops from aluminium file to avoid burning. Now place lamb chops on best gas grills on a medium heat for about three to four minutes each side, to get a perfect medium doneness of the lamb chops. When one side of the lamb chops is done cooking flip them with the help of tongs and remove the aluminum foil from the bones. Now cook the other side of the lamb chops for about three minutes. On the seared side of the lamb chops, apply olive oil with the help of rosemary instead of the brush. First drizzle some of the extra virgin olive oil on the rosemary stem and than brush, it on the lamb chops. Belive that will make a difference.

When your lamb chops are ready serve, them immediately they will taste great when fresh and hot. You can serve them with salad, Greek yogurt, Pita bread, your favorite sauce and pickled vegetables.


Reasons for Buying a Rice Cooker

When buying anything new, it is not unusual to ask oneself if you really need it. You have been doing without it for so many years, why buy it now? It is rather a good practice to ask such questions, as it shows you are careful as to where you spend your money. If you are having second thoughts about buying a rice cooker, let me help you pick the right side! This appliance adds so much convenience to your cooking experience that second thoughts aren’t really necessary. They are much cheaper than appliances like pressure cookers and slow cookers so you don’t have to worry about taking a lot out of your budget. Now you might be thinking best rice cookers aren’t really necessary as they only help you cook rice, don’t they? What about so many other dishes you cook on a daily basis? Rice cookers don’t just cook rice; you can cook almost anything in it including roasts, all kinds of grains, meat, vegetables and much more.

Still not convinced? Here is a list of reasons why buying a rice cooker is the best option for you:

1. Perfect Rice Every Time:

This is modern day technological world. You don’t need expertise to cook rice, you need a smart appliance. The rice cooker turns itself off exactly when the rice is done and informs you. The rice dish will turn out perfect every time you cook it without being overcooked or under-cooked.

2. Measurement of water:

The big dilemma with rice cooking is the exact amount of water which needs to be added. More water than that exact amount will make it sticky and less will make it dry and undercooked. With rice cooker you don’t have to worry since they come with measuring cups for rice and markings in the pot for water.

3. Programmable settings:

Multiple pre-programmed settings allow you to cook different types of rice (like white rice, brown rice, wild rice and more) and grains (like quinoa, oats, buckwheat and more) with precision. You don’t have to know the cooking time for each type of grain or rice, the rice cooker will do the job perfectly for you. To learn more you can visit best rice cookers – reviews & guide.

4. Versatility of Use:

As mentioned earlier, rice cookers do not only help you cook rice. Besides cooking rice and grains, you can use them to cook meat, vegetables, soups and stews.

5. Keep Warm Setting:

The keep warm option is available to hold the rice at just the right temperature before you are ready to have your meal. This eliminates the need of reheating.