Straight Drive’s name comes from the type of music they play–straight bluegrass with plenty of drive. In a time where much of bluegrass music has veered towards the more polished and commercial sounds of “Music Row,” Straight Drive has kept its identity firmly grounded in the grit and intensity of the classic, first generation performers of bluegrass music. As bluegrass great Ron Thomason has said, “Straight Drive plays bluegrass the way Bill Monroe or Carter Stanley conceived of it.” A fan once described Straight Drive’s sound as “bluegrass with no apologies.”

Straight Drive was started in 2001, following the release of Terry McGill’s first solo recording,”Straight Drive,” when Terry asked featured vocalist Jen Larson to help him expand on the straight-ahead sound created in the studio. Since then, the band has evolved into an even more traditional sounding unit, known for its hard-driving music, as well as its dedication to evoking the spirit and warmth of the vintage performances and radio broadcasts of bygone days. At the same time, Straight Drive cannot be labeled as an ensemble that merely relives the past. Striking original material in combination with fresh arrangements of older songs insures that Straight Drive has an appeal and relevance that speaks to the heart of anyone who appreciates the balance between tradition and innovation. Straight Drive plays at Bluegrass and Americana festivals, major market radio broadcasts, traditional country music shows, and in various music clubs.On the heels of their highly acclaimed 2005 recording, “I’ll Take A Page From Your Book,” Straight Drive even spent a month performing aboard the famed Mississippi Queen steamboat, where they were enthusiastically received. In May 2007, the group played at the world famous Carnegie Hall in New York City.